Friday, October 07, 2005

The fracture

Thursday October 06, 2005 Fell off my bike while coming back from dropping Jillian off at daycare. I had the chariot in the back and I was riding on some new asphalt. I picked up some speed to beat a car to the 4-way stop ahead of me. I must have come out of the clipless pedals when I stood up since the bike might have become unstable or jerked back a little with the chariot creating some extra resistance. I hit the road in an instant. I tore a hole in the right knee of my bike pants and also roughed up my jacket and ski-gloves. I didn’t feel that bad and I played lunch-hour pick-up soccer right afterwards. I took it fairly easy and there were lots of subs, but I wasn’t playing that well. Then I went to work at the northside office and took it easy that night. Friday October 7 I worked at Southgate without any problem. At night I went to the east-side soccer center for the “Fun Cup” engineering-firm indoor soccer tournament (I played with Bill’s old company, UMA). I played OK during the first game and then started to tire for the next. The third game I played goal and it was a pretty intense game. Near the end of the game I jumped at a ball and my knee began to hurt quite a bit. I could walk on it but the play around the net was hectic. I kept waiting forever for a whistle but it took a long time. I asked the ref to sub off. I didn’t play for the last five minutes and when it was time for beers afterwards, I just went home. I could drive OK but my knee was starting to swell a little. I put some ice on it. Bev and I got into a bit of an argument. She had big plans for thanksgiving weekend and I suggested that she try not to over extend herself. I went to bed in a bad mood.


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