Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Last Day of Soccer

Today is my last day of watching Italian soccer. My cable company is switching the Italian channel to digital and I don't think it's worth paying a whole lot more just for this, which can sometimes take up a bit too much of my time on Sundays anyway. I'll save my soccer-watching for the world cup in Germany in June. By that time, I may be able to kick a soccer ball weakly myself.

Today I went swimming and did a workout at the Kinsmen. The knee felt OK and the swim felt amazing. I used a pullboy to float my legs, since I can't really kick. I spent some time treading some water in an aquajogger too, and a young woman in a wheelchair came along and was helped into the pool by an assistant. She had really skinny legs (I suppose they wre atrophied), and the assistant strapped a piece of foam between her legs so she could swim. Once in the water, she swam in the fast lane. It was awesome inspiration!

Last night I went to an Ultimate party for Halloween. It was great to see my COQ team-mates, the first time since surgery. I went as an injured bull-runner from Pamplona. Only one party-goer properly identified me!

Jim gave me some excellent tips on taking care of my knee. He was also telling me about the near-certainty of arthritis in my future. Bummer!


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